Simple Home Maintenance Tips

1.Windows : The slits of the advantages can cause cold air to enter the room. It is the main reason for the high energy costs in winter and summer. Periodically check the condition of the joints and if they are damaged, apply a new layer of putty.

2.Taps : The main cause of the faucets dripping is worn washers. The washers are inside the faucets and, being rubber, tend to wear out quickly. To replace them, close the water supply, unscrew the leaking handle that controls the flow of water to the nozzle, change the washers, and reopen the water stopcock.

3.Washer and dryer : It is important to ensure from time to time that the water supply hoses of the washer are not leaking. One of the main reasons for claims in home insurance is due to damage caused by leaks in the washing machine. Check them every year and change them frequently.

In the case of the dryer, it is important to clean the filter periodically to prevent the accumulation of lint, causing a fire. But also, this way you will extend the life of the machine.

4.Water heater : There is nothing more frustrating than turning on the hot water and only cold water coming out. The heaters also need maintenance to work efficiently and minimize the number of breakdowns. At least once a year, it is convenient to drain the water from the heater and clean the interior surface. To drain the heater, close the water and energy supply of the heater. For electric water heaters, it is necessary to disconnect the light, and for those of gas, turn the thermostat pilot setting.

Then connect a water hose to the bottom of the tank and place the other end somewhere where the water does not cause damage. Turn on all the hot water taps in the house and then open the drain valve. Refill the tank and turn on the power supply again or you could have a water heater repair in your future. 

5. Plumbing : The accumulation of fats and oils is the main cause of blockages in the pipes, so we must avoid pouring this type of substance. If we do it by accident, it is important to turn on the hot water and pour some detergent.

Placing a strainer in the bathtub drain is the best way to avoid the jams caused by the hair. This will reduce the amount of hair in the pipes.

To unclog the drain, avoid chemicals, as they can cause damage that involves costly repairs. Use a snake leak better to remove the blockage.

6. Air conditioning : Air conditioners are usually the most ignored at home. However, regular maintenance is necessary, since a breakdown can be much more expensive. Check the condensation tube to make sure that the water can flow without difficulty and that there is no mold that can clog it, and that can endanger your family’s health. Also, check that the screen of the device through which the air comes out is clean to reduce energy consumption.

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